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16 Aug, 2018

16 Aug, 2018

He tip-toed round the room creful not to wke the girl in his bed He hsn't plnned on nyone stying the night but when she cme to him with bgs her clothing crying bout her ex kicking her out their plce he hd no choice but to fer plce to sty nd tht ended up them being in bed went to tke shower gin when he got out the shower to style his hir he smelled eggs Using drying chrm on his body Percy got dressed nd wlked into the kitchen."Sleep well?" his old girlfriend Penelope questioned when she turned to plce eggs on the tble nd noticed him in the doorwy."I mde your pjms smller so they could fit me." she turned in circle so he could see the present he got from mum ever yer tht he never wore s he preferred to sleep in the nude shrunk down for her curvy frme "I lso mde some brekfst s thnk you for. "penny I hven't invited you here becuse Mr Crouch never leves." Percy lened bck in his cr wtching his girlfriend plce bg food in the floor nd sunter her wy over to his chir."Well he isn't here I won't be home tonight so I wnt to fuck you now." Penelope st on his lp nd bent down to kiss him."Penelope wit." Percy lened bck in his chir little bit not putting much distnce between them "First he cn come bck ny minute nd second wht hs gotten into you? We re fucking every night nd if you woke up erlier I bet you would in the morning s well."Penelope grbbed the hem her robes nd threw them over her hed reveling tht she ws not wering nything under it "I hve friend wtching out for us they wnt something in return." she reched out nd pulled his robes up reveling some Muggle jens underneth She worked the button nd zipper s Percy hd thrown his hed bck forgetting ll his other rguments. Percy quickly did wht the letter sid he wnted to keep his mum sfe He knew wht he hd to do to keep Penelope sfe he hd to push her wy.~OoOoOoOo~"Wit wit." udrey interrupted his story "You're telling me tht someone thretened your fmily but you hven't sid nything?"Percy moves from the window to sit in the bed curling udrey's hir round his finger "you don't understnd love They wouldn't understnd why I didn't tell nyone nd to be honest I'm not sure if they would believe me.""So you broke up with Penny becuse she ws being controlled by deth eters nd then distnced yourself from your fmily to protect then from being tortured or killed?" udrey lit smoke nd gve it to the mn next to hung his hed in shme "yeh if you wnt to leve I understnd." He ws rocked bck by udrey hitting his shoulder. Загрузка Загрузка Загрузка Загрузка Udrey moved so she ws sitting on his lp creful to switch the smoke to the other hnd Percy flicked the butt into the sh try nd pressed his growing erection even more into her thigh."You will tell me wht is going on with your fmily I deserve to know." She crossed her rms over her chest nd stred into his eyes."Fine but we need more smokes nd Firewhiskey then I deserve to be fucked fter.""Bossy you know wht to do don't you?" udrey pushed him bck on the bed shoved her brests in his fce nd lened into his er "go buy some more while I mke some food." she stood up nd suntered out the door pusing to pull his shirt on."Witch." he yelled out s he got dressed nd quickly rn to. Загрузка ~Oooooooo~They hd come bck from the fmily dinner nd once gin everyone hd brely tlked to them choosing to not look them in the fce when they did utter word out The moment the couple stepped through the floo Percy huled udrey up by the wist pulled her legs round his hips nd slmmed them into wll Percy collpsed on the bed next to his girlfriend their chests heving "Sorry love." he gsped out between tossed her blck hir over her shoulder kissed his chest "I hve never sked but why do they tret you tht wy? With such contempt?"Percy grbbed his smokes from the bedside tble nd fered one to udrey nd lit them up with wve one hnd his other hnd pulling out the sh try nd plcing it between them No one except her knew he smoked if his mother cught wind she would pull him over her hd smoked hlf before he nswered her erlier question "they don't know no one. Загрузка Смотрите видео на YouTube без рекламы Обработка Загрузка плейлистов

He ws gone for 30 minutes when he got bck he found his girlfriend reching up to grb some pltes the hem the shirt rising up just showing the bottom her rse He lened into her pulling her hips flush ginst his nd reched for the pltes."No you will not get out this story telling like you hve with so mny others Let's tke the food to the bedroom nd tell me while we re eting nd drinking." udrey wved her wnd nd the stir fry pltes silverwre nd tumblers followed her to the followed her tking f his shirt nd pnts lighting up smoke before he took deep breth to tell his story.~OoOoOoOo~Percy woke up 2 hours before he ws due t work course everything ws redy the night before but he ws lwys one for triple checking. "yes yes." Crouch ignored Percy's hnd "look in the file cbinet right behind you nd strt reding You hve one week to lern ll tht mteril or I will fire you." Nothing else ws sid the rest the dy they both worked through lunch with only one them being wre wht time it ws Crouch did not leve work until 10pm tht night with Percy following soon fter not dring to sk if he cn tke the pperwork home with used the min floo to go home expecting Penelope to be sound sleep in bed but ws surprised tht when he stepped through the green flmes she slmmed into him nd pulled her mouth on to hers."Wit Penny Wht hs gotten into you? This isn't you." Percy grbbed her rms to give them some spce."Cn't I just thnk you?" she replied crossing her rms over. Обработка Загрузка Обработка "you owe me fvor " distorted voice cme out from the hood "I wnt the plns to the World Cup."Percy ripped his grsp from the mn nd stood up tll," no those re privte If you don't hve them lredy them you don't need them."The mn sighed "I hoped tht I didn't hve to do this." The reched into his robe nd pulled out two bundle photogrphs nd shoved them into Percy's hnd "Look these over I will contct you in hlf n hour." The mn swept out the hdn't noticed tht he left s the first picture cught his eye It ws him nd Penelope in his bedroom he would bend down nd kiss her then pull up nd her fce ws contorted with ecstsy Ech one seemed to show snippies their life together some were innocent such s them sleeping There ws one more picture left in the bundle it ws the lst time they hd sex in. "welcome to the Deprtment Interntionl Mgicl Coopertion how my I direct you?" older womn with grying hir sked him the moment he stepped f the elevtor not glncing up from the mgzine she red."I'm here to see Mr Crouch The nme is Percy Wesley." He spoke while he looked round the room."My nme is Mrs Vne go to the door to your left Hve fun" She dded rolled his eyes nd knocked on the door he ws pointed too It swung open its in ccord Percy stepped in nd glnced round the room The room only hd fireplce desk nd file cbinets tht lined the wlls from top to bottom so much in fct tht the room looked Crouch peer t Percy over the pper he ws reding "nd how my I help you?" his voice dripping with contempt."Sir my nme is Percy Wesley you hired me couple weeks go." Percy stepped forwrd nd held out. Загрузка Загрузка "re you n idiot? Tht ws selfless you gve up your fmily to protect them." she scremed t him while he looked in disbelief."Ugh you stupid rse I m not leving .YOU!" She grbbed his fce nd kissed him hrd."I love you." He broke the kiss ynked f his boxers broke the buttons on the shirt she ws wering nd wved his hnd to put out the lights."Mrry me?""Yes!" Обработка

" course but you normlly only wnt to shg in the bedroom with the lights f Not tht I mind but you don't normlly do this." Percy set his briefcse tht only held his notes for tht dy on the couch nd turned round to see Penelope pulling her shirt over her stred fter her for few seconds before shking his hed nd running fter her tossing his clothes over his Percy cursed under his breth s he red over the request forms the Quidditch tems hd sent They got more outrgeous s the yers went on it lmost seemed like competition between the two tems who were going to the World cup."Something the mtter?" he herd Penelope cll from the door."You hve been working here for three months nd I hve not been invited here." She closed the door nd wved her wnd to lock nd silence. He quickly tore into the next bundle with horror They were pictures his mother The first couple were tken fr wy nd then they got closer ech one seeming more intimte thn the lst The very lst photogrph chilled him to the bone t lest two Unspekbles were stnding in the sme room s his prents while they were sleeping The Unspekble tht ws in the photogrph ws stnding next to his mum nd reched out nd gently stroked her fce he then turned to the cmer nd fell to the floor nd crumpled up the photo in his hnds Tht mn ws blckmiling him! He wondered if he could report him so he rn out to Mrs Vne."Excuse Mrs Vne wht does this picture look like to you?" Percy thrusted the photo under her Vne looked up in shock but took the photo turning to look t the bck nd then front gin "It is blnk my der Looks like your people re hiding." Загрузка Загрузка It hd been week since Penelope hd stopped by the fice nd he hd yet to spend nytime with her he ws lredy sleep by the time she cme home nd she wouldn't budge in the morning He ws strting to get worried they did fll into reltionship pretty quickly fter her lst one He thought tht he ws get home tonight nd mke dinner for them he ruffled through the prchment on his desk to send her memo when someone knocked on the door."Come in," he looked towrds the door n unspekble cme in he hd his hood up so he hd no ide who hd come unspekble closed the door with wve his hnd nd Percy could see him turning his hed to glnce round the room."Excuse me sir How my I help you? Did you hve n ppointment with Mr Crouch?" Percy stood up nd open the door he pssed by the uninvited guest s he hs yet to spek when hnd shot out nd grbbed Percy's wrist. "do I get kiss before I go to work?" Percy followed his new roommte bck to their bedroom She nodded her hed nd lened up to give him gentle kiss Percy strted out kissing her lightly but he quickly snked hnd round her wist dipping her bck on the bed When he hd pulled wy 10 minutes lter they were both pnting shirts unbuttoned nd hir tht needed re- pe took in their disheveled ppernce nd blushed "You re the only one who cn mke me forget my nme."Percy fixed his shirt nd his hir with smirk "you sy it like tht's bd thing I must be f see you tonight." He pulled her f the bed nd kissed her on the lips before biting the top her got to the floo before he herd her gron "with you It is."XxXxXxPercy stepped out the floo got his wnd checked nd went to the. Загрузка Загрузка

Загрузка Disclimer: ll cnon plots nd situtions from the Potter series belong to JK Rowling We mke no prit from this storyBet thnks:Lily_rose21This Story is in response to the song "Crossfire by Stephen." on Fcebook lyrics stuck with if you sent us downSo we cn build plygroundFor the sinners to ply s sintsYou'd be so proud wht we've mdeI hope you got some beds round'Cuse you're the only refuge nowFor every mother every child every brotherWho's cught in the crossfire who's cught in the crossfire Загрузка Загрузка Percy eyes romed hungrily over her body he dropped his briefcse wrpped his rms round her body "re you dessert?" he whispered in her er."Percy! There will be none tht et your eggs." Penelope dmonished t him pulling herself from his grsp nd st herself in the chir she pulled djusted the crotch his pnts nd st down to et "Do you know where you re going to sty? If you need too I hve room here until you figure out wht is going on."Penelope pondered in silence while she te "Tht might be good ide I won't sty longer thn month."Percy picked up the pltes nd with wve his wnd they strted to wsh themselves Checking the clock on the wll he hd 45 minutes to leve. Percy wekly sid his thnks nd wlked slowly bck to the fice When he rrived there ws n owl sitting on his desk it ws common brown one someone ordered from the owl shop The owl hooted nd held out it's leg Percy untied the letters while his fingers trembled he opened the letter nd red it's contents.I hope you will tke us seriously from now on nd do wht we sy In cse you didn't know we hve chrmed the photogrph to go blnk when someone else is string t it We will not hurt your mum s long s you give us wht you wnt I do hope you enjoyed hving the extr sex with your girlfriend considering she hs been imperiused through most it We needed to get wht we wnted Tody we just wnt copy the security plns Give it to your girlfriend If you try trcking chrm we will go fter your precious.