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17 Aug, 2018

17 Aug, 2018

Very good academic level Excellent sport facilities and promotes cultural activities. The children receive a cultural enrichment due to the diverse nationalities present at. Many events organized for family as barbacues on saturday party for children coach for parent My daughter attended the Shanghai American Pudong in the program between. Small similar to the local Singaporean s My daughters enjoy learning in the kindest ever ! Sais is a good and friendly despite the size and the two campuses A second campus was

We have loved this for five years now Children are taught effectively and it has. Remove. Small bilingual All students get fluent on Chinese and English at the end of Primary

The facilities are amazing everything very clean and the teachers take a good care. Munich is a lovely placed in beautiful surroundings with. Or Select Files Maximum upload file size: 64 MB Suggested image dimensions: {{ tedWidth}} by {{ tedHeight}} pixels Connect with your Social Network Google Facebook Forgotten Password My sons started from nursery till grade 5 The changed a lot through 7 years they attend We were looking for a with a bilingual programme (English-Mandarin) and we liked. We are so happy with how they welcome the kids when they start and the learning method. Not good facilities plus lack of cleanness Education level has a long way to improve It is an excellent with very good learning support teachers The provides.

Biss is a K-12 so compared to most of the '' s in China. Lack of teachers & resources for foreign languages High fees and plenty of extra. Top really bilingual in Madrid The curriculum top-end facilities high-performing educ Formerly called TASIS when my children attended the It is a small compared with